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Framed Pieces







Most pieces are made from sheets of aluminum but on occasion, copper - thanks to Sara S. for the donation. ;)

To make them stronger, clear resin is applied to the back. This technique was initiated thanks to Juan V. & has been quite a learning curve.

If colors are part of the design, then a second coat of resin is used to protect them, so they are a bit more expensive and take more time to complete. There’s a slight risk that colors will bleed when the resin is applied or that the back of the piece has some extra resin.

It is definitely a work in process but I continue to grow as an artist and enjoy learning what the medium has to offer. If you own an AlumíA piece and would like to share a photo or comment, please contact me!

Thanks to all who have supported AlumíA through the years - you know who you are! (And if you have a better photo of a piece you’ve purchased - send me a copy.)

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