Break Away from the Cookie Cutter

Each job that I take has a unique, hand-built layout specific to that project’s specifications. You will never receive a design that another client has gotten before. Basic SEO, ease-of-updating and a clean, standards-based approach are the hallmarks of each website provided.

Your site will be fast-loading and simple to update; customized Wordpress themes are also possible - to make running your site even simpler. (I provide basic tutorials to get you started and will lend support as needed.)

Custom Graphics

I also create logos, vector graphics, photo manipulations, and occassional photography work for individuals, organizations and businesses. These can be stand-alone pieces or made for integration into a website. Artworks, like my sites, are always original and based upon the clent’s needs and intended audience.

About El

I have been studying HTML and CSS for the past eight years on my own, along with scripting languages [PHP, javascript & Actionscript] and MySQL database design. In conjunction with web coding, I’ve increased my output of digital media, utilizing vector graphics software, photo editing programs and hybrids of the two.

Prior to that, most of my experiences have been in fine art creation: painting, drawing, printmaking, claywork, papermaking and sculpture. An art educator by trade, I’ve become addicted to problem-solving in web design / programming and enjoy the process of passing-on my information to others.